BCMS Affiliates

These good neighbors have the stellar common sense to carry the coolest radio show in the history of Mankind, The Bone Conduction Music Show and On The Edge with Thayrone. You should do whatever they tell you to do, buy whatever they tell you to buy, eat what they tell you to eat, sleep where they tell you to sleep, and in short drink the Kool-Aid when they tell you to drink it. Check out their websites and dial in via the web for their webcasts of drunken monkey radio at it's best, The Bone Conduction Music Show and and On The Edge with Thayrone.

Check radio station websites for show broadcast times.

From The Right Radio

  • From The Right Radio... it came from the ether, Jack! I'm told I'm on it. The 'inner' nets rooooool, crank it up! Now on to land based, land locked, old school stuff...


  • WALW 98.3 FM, Moulton, Alabama


  • KSTK 101.7 FM, Wrangle, Alaska


  • KZSR 107.9 FM, Paso Robles


  • KVNF 90.9 FM, Paonia, The North Fork Valley
  • KVNF 98.3 FM, Hotchkiss, Crawford
  • KVNF 88.9 FM, Ridgway
  • KVNF 90.1 FM, Ouray
  • KVNF 88.7 FM, Lake City
  • KVNF 99.1 FM, The Grand Valley
  • KVNF 89.1 FM, Delta, Montrose, Olathe, Norwood


  • WAAM 1600 AM, Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the belly of the beast doing the hottest music show *AND* the most relevant talk-radio show in all the land. Crank it up!

North Dakota

  • KFJM 90.7 FM, Grand Forks

West Virginia

  • WVWP 101.1 FM, Wayne

Listen to archives of the four hour source-code ! And check out the PLAYLISTS for the show of shows, you will be flopping on the floor like a fish out of water!