On The Edge with Thayrone

Finally, talk radio for the common man – brought to you by the common man. Hosted by veteran radio personality, professional musician, and all-around cosmopolitan hipster Thayrone, On the Edge with Thayrone is rant, rave, opinion, listener call-in, compelling radio at it's best.

This ain't your grandpa's talk radio. This is talk radio with the "something different" missing on the cookie-cutter talking clone carbon copy shows you've dialed out. Fun and logic rule when you're On The Edge with Thayrone. AND white wine sipping, crustless sandwich eating liberal talk radio. This show offers a strong conservative message in a hip and indisputably interesting way only Thayrone can deliver. We know the difference between right and wrong and that morality isn't relative On The Edge with Thayrone. You need this show on your radio station...like yesterday, man.

Listen to the many cool and very informative guests that have been on On The Edge with Thayrone...check the bottom of this page out!

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