About The Bone Conduction
Music Show

Welcome to The Bone Conduction Music Show sample page!

Please do take the time to listen to these shows in entirety. To skim these shows in program director air-check audition mode would be to lose the essence of what The Bone Conduction Music Show is all about. It — s just that--a show. The Bone Conduction Music Show is the most unique music radio program in America today. As such, it features an unequaled presentation of music programming (nobody has a music library like ours--nobody!). No other broadcast covers a variety of music that ranges from blues, soul, and rock, to r&B and gospel--and ties it all together in a conversationally linked, FUN, FUN, FUN personality driven style. The intro says it all, '...wig singeing rock, hip-shakin' soul music, and industrial strength rhythm and blues...'.

The Bone Conduction Music Show is what American radio has been waiting for. We hope you add The Bone Conduction Music Show with Thayrone to your arsenal of great programming assets. Your listeners will be glad you did! Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you. And now, on with THE show...

Here are some examples of our two-hour PUBLIC radio show that runs on our affiliate stations (you should be one of them!):

Syndicated Two-Hour Show

Show One, Hour 1  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Show One, Hour 2  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Show Two, Hour 1  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Show Two, Hour 2  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Show Three, Hour 1  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Show Three, Hour 2  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Show Four, Hour 1  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Show Four, Hour 2  |  DOWNLOAD MP3 ↓

Here's a one-hour and twenty-minute example of our four-hour COMMERCIAL radio show that will spin your wig:

Four-Hour Commercial Show


Thank you for your interest in The Bone Conduction Music Show!

Email Ms. Linda Hughes, The Field Marshal of Marketing and find out more about the coolest music program in all the land, The Bone Conduction Music Show.