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PLAYLISTS and artists featured on The Bone Conduction Music Show

We will publish weekly PLAYLISTS, provided we are not too busy drinking beer and watching television to get it together. Listed on these siezure inducing pages are the many fine, fine artists that contribute heavily to not only the coolest radio show in the history of Mankind, but to the quality of your life!

Many of the artists played on the show of shows are all but ignored by crap-for-brains 'radio programmers'. Not only do we support what these artists do, we urge you to VISIT THEIR RESPECTIVE WEBSITES AND **BUY** THEIR MUSIC! Can you imagine a world without cool music??? You'd be stuck in a cube all day long, a soulless boss and business 'casual' your only life. God bless the artists on these pages and the sacrifice they make! Support these musicians and DO support live music every chance you get.

Apologies for any and all misspelled names (it's not what I do for a living) and omissions (nocturnal or otherwise).

The list of cool cats and kittens goes on and on and on and on...tune in and check it out. Every week we burn up the airwaves with the coolest radio show and the hottest PLAYLISTS in America today. Hey, if you aren't listening, you aren't listening!

Photo courtesy of George Mahlberg