These fine folks have had the good sense to support and advertise on the coolest radio show in the history of Mankind, The Bone Conduction Music Show. You should do whatever they tell you to do, buy whatever they tell you to buy, eat what they tell you to eat, sleep where they tell you to sleep, and in short drink the Kool-Aid when they tell you to drink it. Check out their websites and support their fine, fine, super fine products. Spend some dough at their business locations and tell them you heard about them on The Bone Conduction Music Show.

Shake it up and spend lots of dough here:

  • Flying Dutchman Management offers a beautiful rolling five acre country atmosphere featuring professional office suites that range from 960 to 5,000 square feet! Call them at (734) 971-4000.
  • The Firing Line offers training and classes in the safe and responsible exercise of your 2nd Amendment rights! State of the art indoor shooting range, firearms sales, gun rental, special orders and open seven days a week — the Firing Line is staffed by highly experienced law enforcement and military firearms experts. Call them at (734) 326-7320.
  • Japanese Auto Professionals are the guys to see if you drive any year, make or model of Japanese cars. Jay and Joe know what time it is, they do the job right the first time and the price is always right. When you find a good mechanic you don't go anyplace else...that would be these guys! Call them at (734) 996-4606.
  • I am proud to be a friend of and associated with artists Bill and Marsi Darwin (have helped deplete their home bar on many occasions) and very much thankful that they choose to support the coolest radio show in the history of Mankind.
  • Darwin's Studio is IT for stained glass, stained glass repair, restoration, and consulting. And dig this — they carry a HUGE line of antique slot machines! They repair those too. Dig it deep, you may run into the ghost of Bugsy Seigel in this place. Call them at (734) 475-9730.
  • Dr. Michael Singleton, DDS takes care of my mouth...he should take care of yours too! Dr. Singleton offers tomorrow's dentistry today. Family dentistry you can trust, with over 20 years of experience. And he's *painless*! Call 734 429-7415 and get your smile all shined up to look it's best!
  • The Vincent Law Firm is THE law firm you want on your side when you are in a jam. Michael Vincent is so on top of his game that he told me not to read ad copy on my show for his law practice. He said instead read from The Bill of Rights!!! The man is too cool for school. Call Michael Vincent at (734) 487-4970.
  • A & H Lawn Care is the most bestest lawn care, sprinkler and irrigation system, landscape design and maintenance purveyors on the scene. Highly experienced, you can trust these guys to do good work! Call my pals Tim and Brandon to day, (734) 429-5778.
  • Lisa's Meticulous Cleaning is the place to call when you need your crib buffed to a super high sheen. Let Lisa's Meticulous Cleaning do the dirty work for you, she knows how to DEEP clean a house! For the price of dinner and a movie you can have your home professionally cleaned by people who care!. Call Lisa's Meticulous Cleaning at (734) 429-7589.
  • Pictures Plus will frame it for you right! They offer discounts on a huge variety of picture frames, do preservation and museum framing too. Call them at (734 )741-1900.
  • Rhonda in the Paint Creek Mall is the place go for the best in hair design and cuts, all the latest techniques. Call Rhonda today at (734) 323-8953.
  • Pat the Handyman is the handyman with the plan! Carpentry, plumbing, drywall, name it, Pat does it right. Over 30 experience, call Pat at (734) 260-1158.
  • Furniture refinishing is an art. When you need it done by the pros trust Littlefield & Sons Furniture Service. They do antique restoration, color matching, repair... you name it, they do it. This is THE high end, quality shop. Call my pal Brian at (734) 668-1700
  • Counterfeit banknotes store Fake money is a form of counterfeiting that involves the use of fake currency. Counterfeit money is imitation currency produced without the legal sanction of the state or government. Producing or using counterfeit money is a form of fraud and may be punishable by law.
  • Eastwood Guitars make the most INCREDIBLE guitars in all the land. These are the finest and most tricked out versatile axes you'll ever play! Hit their website and see their SUPER fine line of radical vintage remakes — even better than the real thing!! With a ton of models and combinations to choose from, they've got a guitar just right and waiting for you. And DO check out My Rare Guitars, Mike's other WAY cool site! Call Mike at Eastwood Guitars today at (416) 294-6165.
  • Flatsnoot's Christmas trees is the place to score your tree! Duke will not only sell the best tree to be had, he'll give you his official Christmas CHEER warm up in the airstream of airstreams. Check out Duke (he's the one with the sombrero) on Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor, right across from Arborland Mall. Go there..
  • I love me some deep south southern picnic BBQ food! And my pal and former band mate Chef Chris has that going on at Chef Chris' Boogiewoogie BBQ. Lordy, have mercy, get some on ya! Call Chef at (810) 231-3400 today.
  • God bless the Veteran's of The United States of America! Visit them at Veteran's Radio and tell them thank you. If it wasn't for them you'd be reading this in German. And you wouldn't have any of what you have. Be thankful for the sacrifice the brave men and women of our United States Military make — everyday of their lives.