About On The Edge

On the Edge with Thayrone is rant, rave, opinion, listener call-in, national and local mover and shaker guest interviews — it's compelling radio at it's best. This is not your grandfather's talk radio show. This is talk radio with the 'something different' missing on the cookie-cutter talking clone carbon copy shows you've dialed out. Fun and logic rule when you're On The Edge with Thayrone...that would be me. Tenaciously independent, On The Edge with Thayrone flies in the face of both boring blue-coat-white-shirt-red-tie conservative AND white wine sipping, crustless sandwich eating liberal talk radio. This show offers a strong conservative message in a hip and indisputably interesting user-friendly way others do not. I know the difference between right and wrong and know that morality isn't relative. That all comes glaringly through on my talk radio show.

My show is talk radio for the common man brought to you by the common man — me. A little about me and the perspective I bring to the talk radio table; I'm a working class don't care if I get fired screw the ratings game content over form radio guy. I'm also a professional musician, former Teamster on honorable withdrawal truck driver, machine shop grunt and furnace operator, hi-lo driver, accounting and accounting information systems college degree holder, world traveler, all-around cosmopolitan hipster and fun at parties. There's a whole lot more but you'll have to buy me dinner and drinks first.

So do get busy, get your mojo working, get listening, and get your On The Edge with Thayrone fix right here. And tell your friends...pass it all around!